Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Wildlife of London

Here are some soft and spiky animals who live in London, from Holland Park to Richmond Park, from leafs and rivers to pavements, wetlands, meadows and gardens. I clicked them all in my camera and some of them even smiled. (The spider didn't. Rude.)

(Spirit of the Forest.)

(Awkward ginger sitter.)

(Dog of the underleg.)

(Embarrassing dining companion.)

(Cross birb.)

(Darty percher.)

(Evil poised rat of greed.)

(An actual sword.)

(Fuzzy water-shakers.)

(Suspicious doorstep.)

(Clinging to silverness with evil feet.)

(Soft thoughtful riverslug.)

(Carpet vanity.)

(Fox who owns entire London.)

(Large beanbag with dainty face.)

(Outdoorsy leafcat.)

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