Saturday, 20 June 2015


My camera keeps taking photos, and I suppose I'm the thing what does the clicking. It's so fun! I ferry around my little red camera everywhere now. My favourite is when I see a creature and it stays still long enough for me to photograph its silly, beautiful face.

Here are some photos I've taken of creatures recently.

Two Asian small-clawed otters, the resident pair at the WWT London Wetland Centre‎ (which I highly recommend to anyone who likes loveliness). They're the smallest otter species in the world. They squeak kindly and they're very cute, but they also look a lot like fully-evolved slugs.

A black-headed gull on the shore of Windermere. She joined me and my friend Jen as we ate fish n chips on our first evening of a holiday in the Lake District. We named her Morris. Or was it Maurice? Something classy anyway. Look at them sticks!

Herdwick sheep in the Lake District. As you can see, Herdies start out pitch-black and end up as pale as dawn. They don't get sheared; they shed, and the farmers collect the wool. There was a lot of very comfortable barbed wire in the Lakes.

A Highland coo with an itch. This wasn't in the Highlands, this was just outside Ambleside. Not a great photo, but you've gotta love these guys. Big ginger cartoon sillies.

A great blue heron in King George's Park near where I work in Southfields. He's a scraggly thing with a short haircut, but gosh he was territorial. Squawked away a lot of other cool birds and did some very regal perching.

Two cygnets shaking the river from their little beaks. King George's Park features two connected ponds, and the swans have been enjoying taking their fuzzy family on outings from one to the other.

A Maine Coon cross belonging to my friend Brad. Poor Saturn hasn't been very well recently, but as you can see he still teaches the masterclass in being luxurious. He has a lot of very long, very blonde fur and did a beautiful job of looking directly into the camera.

A grey squirrel hunting its prey in the gardens around St Paul's Cathedral. If grey squirrels weren't so sweet, people would stamp on them instead of aww at them. They're such rats! This over-familiar chap spent some time begging for food before latching onto the leg of my boyfriend Graham.

This is Domino, our tortoiseshell mutt who lives with my parents in the Borders. She's a silly fluff. But I think this photo sums her up well; the combination of hiding and adoring, the mix of asymmetrically ratty and utterly cute. Mum once described Domino as "a horrible person". Yep! But we love this ridiculous cat thing anyway. Just look at her.

I have hundreds more photos, creature-based and otherwise, sorted into public albums on Facebook. Wanna see? :)

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