Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chevy Chase Written Out of Community

The writing-out of Chevy Chase from Community has been so silly that I feel like I can predict script from the next episode. Here you go:

TROY: Hang on, where's Pierce?
JEFF: He's at the garden center. Said he needed a bit of 'fresh air'. I don't think he understands garden centers.
ANNIE: Has anyone noticed that Pierce has been missing every time we all hang out together these days?
SHIRLEY: I've noticed. I always notice when the good lord answers my prayers.
ABED: To be fair, writing an established character out of a show can be pretty tricky, especially at this late stage. Don't worry, though, hopefully we'll be distracted soon enough by some wacky new adven--
BRITTA: Oh my god, you guys, there's an asteroid heading for Greendale!

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