Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day 2

Last night I had a dream that I was responsible for the health and wellbeing of Dylan Moran. Then the alarm went off at 6AM -- which wasn't too bad, considering I thought I might have to get up at 3.30AM. Y'see, this morning I had to get from Oxford to a production office on Brick Lane, which takes about three hours. And given that there was a vicious, vicious, vicious rumour that we might have to be in at 7AM, I calculated I'd have to be up at 3.30AM, which would've resulted in weeping followed by death.

Luckily that wasn't the case, and I had a brilliant day on the filming for the teaser trailer of 8, a VERY cool sci-fi project on which I'm lucky enough to be doing a bit of writing. Today the very generous producer put me on the call sheet as Script Supervisor. A Script Supervisor, it transpires, is someone who lifts things, fetches things, watches things, eats things, and possibly gets to crowbar a line in the script. It was all fun and all interesting. I learned a lot. For instance, why filming a fax machine takes two and a half hours. If you don't know why, then give it a go.

Just like yesterday, I got to hang about with an effortlessly charming cast and crew. The actor was John Leeson, voice of Doctor Who's K-9! Very very nice person. He told me a writery story about Alan Bennett.

And the more actors I meet, the more I want to write scripts specifically for them. But I'm kind of sure it doesn't work like that...

At the end of the shoot my phone ran out of battery and credit, making it almost impossible to meet my friend afterwards -- but then suddenly the Director found a charger and put me online to top up my phone, so all of a sudden everything was fine again. Y'know, given the Director yesterday and the one today, I'm starting to suffer from the dangerous generalisation that all Directors are wonderous creatures.

While I was waiting for m'friend I moseyed around a bookshop and read the first page of The Hunger Games and the last page of the final Twilight book. The Hunger Games looks good. The last page of the final Twilight book included the sentence "forever and forever and forever", which isn't an English sentence.

Dinner and drinks with friend, and then coach back to Oxford. Which, at night, feels weirdly more like a community fieldtrip than a coach full of strangers...

Anyway, good day, good night, good times. Yeah I just said that. WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT, PUNK?

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