Wednesday, 25 January 2012

When not to apply for a job

I got as a far as writing “Dear Sir/Mad” before I realised there was something seriously wrong with the company I was applying to.

The website offers beautifully-written articles to clients. It's hiring writers at $5 per 500 words. But the website boasts that all its articles are written by one person – so I suppose it's ghost writers he's looking for. And the cost a client must pay to have a 500 word article written for them is... $60. So, Sir gets $55 for doing nothing. Lucrative.

Then you take a look at his testimonials.

(That's not a euphemism by the way)

“Dear Sir, it was a pleasure to work with you” - Molly A.

“Dear Sir, I expected good articles, but these were perfect” - Thomas H.

“Dear Sir, your website is fantastic, it was a pleasure to use it” - Martin P.

“Dear Sir, thank you so much for your articles, they were a pleasure to read” - Sam T.

“Dear Sir, I have never spent such a worthwhile $60 in my life” - Sarah R.

“Dear Sir, I can see why you need to hire more writers – to come up with some quotes that weren't clearly all written by you. Still, congratulations on your money-making scheme; it's better than a kick in the testimonials” - Eleanor B.

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