Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 282

The internet is such a DANGEROUS place. Anyway, here's a screen-shot of my bank balance:

So I've replaced my five fruit 'n' veg a day with tap water. Not that I ever ate five fruit 'n' veg a day to begin with. What kind of a person do you take me for.

Coincidentally, I'm going home for a few weeks tomorrow. And it really is just a coincidence. It's irrelevant that they have steak at home.

This blog has gained a few more peeking-eyes-through-the-dark-trees since I started it a couple of years ago, so I'll fill you in on my stupid pointless rule: this is a London blog, I can only write in it when I'm in London. So I won't be writing here for a few weeks.

I'll still be on Facebook though, pathetically. If you are one of my relatives from Oz and you're not on Facebook, get on Facebook with the rest of us! And be reminded of how disturbingly obsessed with cats we all are. I never knew cat-love was a gene.

I'll also be continuing to ramble on Write Here, Write Now, where I've been a happy little guest blogger for a few weeks. Write Here, Write Now is a writer's blog with a feminist slant, and I got an internship with the organisation, Bang2Write. It involves writing the blog and the Facebook page.

If you're interested, the pieces I've written for the blog so far are:

1. Personality Is Personality: Making Gender "Irrelevant" In Characterisation
2. Why You SHOULD Do A Course In Scriptwriting
3. The Criticism Sandwich
4. In Development: Script Editing Evening With Andrew Ellard & Paula Hines
5. Write What You Know? Then Write About Being A Writer! :P
6. Screenwriting Tip: Audio Description For The Blind

Blogging's great. Would love a column. Hire me. Thanks.

Anyway, I've got to get back to packing.

Done. See you in August.

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  1. Kudos for playing Pokemon! I'm jealous that you have Black. I haven't played since Diamond & Pearl.