Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 234

Woke up, wrote, fell over, ate supernoodles, wondered why supernoodles were promoted from normal noodles, theorised with my flatmate that God should be a committee, went to campus, met someone called Frasier, drank an unidentified pink liquid, wrote, watched Exit Through The Gift Shop, wrote, got a Tetris score of 500000, wrote, then saw this:

There's that word killing again.

I guess they can't say "terminating female foetuses", because that kind of wording would put us in mind of simple dowry-related cultural sexism rather than foreign serial child killers.

I imagine Kulwant is going to be bloody delighted by the headline accusing her of "killing her girls".

And I'm pretty sure that small girl in the photo is still alive. I feel so cheated.

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