Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 214

There's been two enormously historic events in three days. It'd be neater if it could've got done in two days, but three is fine too.

And the following story arrived only minutes ago, so I'm sure there's ample more to say and reveal about it, not least the actual facts.

But Osama Bin Laden hasn't "died" -- he's "been killed". Naturally the world is better off with one less whiplash-malevolent warmonger, but only in the sense that the world would be better if he hadn't been born, or if he'd wasted away or killed himself.

Instead, the focus of his death is the killing. The fact that he was killed, that's what's being celebrated. Stubbed his toe on a mine or got shot in the trousers, or whatever it was. Why is the killing aspect the focus? Because allegedly it was America that did it. And the American president that announced it. Bin Laden smote America, so America destroyed him. Oh, justice justice justice.

That's not called justice: that's called revenge.

I read the announcement of his killing on the BBC news website, and they chose this quote, of all quotes:

An unmistakable message? Yeah, he's right, I think the message is pretty clear -- if coincidence works in your favour, milk it ruthlessly and try using it to explicate international politics.

And why is killing considered justice anyway? Why is it that after all this time of having two little feet and two little eyes and some mushy grey matter humankind still can't think up punishment other than physical punishment? Zap, pow, kill, torture, confine, hang, draw, quarter, shoot in the trousers.

Even kids's film are pro capital punishment. The bad guy might redeem themselves, and the good guy might try to help them, but after the bad guy redeems themselves they die. Having them live would be messy, wouldn't it. It wouldn't be a tidy tie-up. Kill them.

Society has existed for a wee while now, and people still get it confused with humanity. If someone disobeys the laws of society, banish them from that society. That makes perfect sense. Take away their place in society; but not their place on the planet. What the hell do we know about the planet? What do we know about life? Nothing, but never mind, let's kill them, let's kill them dead, that's really easy.

And if we do kill them dead -- which we will -- let's say we meant it, and it was meant to be, and that it's good and right and just and true.

To mourn Osama Bin Laden is unthinkable (to me), and to celebrate his no longer being here is more than acceptable -- and even to be darkly satisfied in the knowledge that he's going to be "greeted" in death by absolutely nothing -- but to rejoice at his killing is animalistic and wildly hypocritical. Mistaking bloodthirst, happenstance and murder for justice is horrifying. Forget getting rid of religion: let's get rid of the concepts of justice, pride and honour, because they're abused more than any other concepts in the world, and for as long as some people live they use them as excuses to kill. And they keep believing it -- up until the moment they too get met with "justice".

PS. He probably would've died from old age anyway, he was getting crusty. Ooh, justice.


What's going on there?! Let's hope article XXXXXX turns out to be S Club 7 getting back together.

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