Thursday, 24 March 2011

Day 175

I know it’s a boring subject, but WHY DO PEOPLE STAND STILL ON ESCALATORS. WHY. In the words of Terry Gilliam, we’ve got two legs from our hips to the ground and if we lift ‘em they walk around. An escalator is just a moving staircase. And even worse, instead of walking up the left side of the escalator, people prefer to QUEUE for the right side. TO STAND STILL. PEOPLE QUEUE TO STAND STILL.

Apart from anything else, it looks stupid. It just does. Next time you’re on an escalator, look at them. Look at those stupid people gliding dumbly heavenwards. Look at them.

Anyway, the reason I brought this up is I did a lot of toob travel today. From the old (and quite beautiful) Baker Street station to the trendy Wood Lane station. I was in Shepherd's Bush because I was invited to the BBC by a Goldsmiths alumnus I’ve been chatting to. He was very very nice and helpful, and even showed me around a bit.

Television Centre is very exciting and rich. The sunlight was glinting off all the Porsches in the parking lot. There was a TARDIS over here and the Quattro from Life on Mars over there, and Top Gear apparently scoots around right here, and Gary Lineker keeps shooting him dirty looks right there, and I got to see the Comedy Department, and I was given a very interesting scoop on one of my favourite scriptwriters, and I thought I saw John Simm and I thought I saw Dara O’Briain, but the truth is, I once thought I saw Whoopi Goldberg in Turkey, so...

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