Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 171

Because most TV programmes aimed at young people revolve around sex, there's an assumption that young people dictate "who's hot and who's not" in TV. This isn't the case. Because most people who work in TV aren't young. Most people who work in TV are about a hundred.

It's middle-aged people who decide who the sex symbols are - no it can't be Emma Watson, it's got to be Billy Piper. And it can't be Robert Pattinson, it has to be Gordon Ramsay.

Most prominent among the middle-aged fanciers is the marvellous Alison Graham of the Radio Times. She was the one who decided on Gordon Ramsay. She also plucked out Hugh Laurie. And Philip Glenister. And the entire Top Gear team. Now there's a new one -- Matt Smith, the new Doctor Who.

Why? He's bony and pasty and has such a strange face that the only person in the world who looks like him is his own reflection in a spoon. And he's in his 20s, so he can't get any better looking. Maybe it's because his personality is all nicey nice. PERSONALITY, PFF.

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