Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day 166

People have been praising the dark quality of Black Swan. I don't think it has any quality of any shade. It stars Natalie Portman's ribs as a psychotic little ballerina trying to play the good-and-evil lead of Swan Lake. It's a disgusting film packed with Cronenbergian body horror, but with none of Cronenberg’s intelligence.

It's not moving, beautiful or bittersweet. I wouldn't understand if fans of the ballet liked it, though I imagine a certain ilk of voyeurs might enjoy the tiny fragile ballerinas with giant heads.

Natalie Portman's ribs failed to captivate, and the grotty context she was jammed in was undeserving of Tchaikovsky's famous score. At best Black Swan is a tribute not to Swan Lake but to The Fly. A crap tribute.

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  1. Agreed. Black Swan was a very overrated film indeed. The contrast of black and white throughout as some sort of duality wherein white is purity and black is being sexually adventurous and getting in touch with our dark side was incredibly cliched. The ending was also needlessly melodramatic too, and the lesbian sequence was entirely out of place and needless (possibly even quite offensive considering it was consistently associated with black). It watched like The Piano Teacher crossed with Carrie but not as good as either.

    I would say the last third of it worked pretty well though. When it gave up its pretensions of being a psychological drama and just became a straight up horror film there were some pretty tense bits in there. Actually i would say the body horror was pretty decent once it got going - particularly on the nails. I wouldn't call it comparable to Cronenberg though, since it never seemed to be there to disgust audiences, but rather to give the shivers - bits of a subjective and arsey distinction though on my part. It showed Aronofsky could probably make a passable horror film if he wanted to, though some of the cliched motifs like doppelgangers and controlling mothers and black is bad stuff would need to be tossed aside.