Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 154

We woke up this morning to another truckload of identical leaflets jammed through our letterbox. Vote Fran. No I won't Vote Fran. Not because her publicity team is pro-litter and anti-environment, not because I don't vote in student elections anyway, and not because I think Fran is a bad person. On the contrary, I genuinely have every confidence that she's a very good person, because I've met a few student electives at Goldsmiths and they're all likeable, creditworthy, and, most importantly, really involved in what they do.

No, the reason why I'm not going to Vote Fran is because it says Vote Fran. Vote Fran. Vote. Fran. Fran. Vote Fran.

At Aberdeen University one of the student election leaflets read as follows:

Tom. Half student, half wolf: ALL MAN.

I bet Fran isn't even 1/4 wolf.

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