Sunday, 27 February 2011

Day 153

Well okay, but 230,000 people died in the Haiti earthquake last year. Does that mean it's 1564 times more catastrophic than the New Zealand earthquake this year?

In 2010 when I was seething self-righteously about how some people weren't appalled enough by the Haiti earthquake someone pointed out to me that the human capacity for emotion can't actually work in numbers. We reach a certain death toll and then our emotional response can't increase any further, no matter how much the death toll does.

In New Zealand the number is still low enough to be increasingly worrying. In Haiti the number stopped mattering, so the media picked on what they could to keep us "empathising".

In other news, "I'm working very hard" says Clegg, "I am honoured to have won this marathon" says knee-high Japanese robot, and "I'm selling my hair because I know people like my hair" says Justin Bieber.

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