Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 136

On my 11th birthday I got this brilliant homemade dollhouse, with stairs and fitted carpets and wallpaper and everything. Tiles on the roof, little windowsills, teeny tiny willow pattern plates. Years of fun. Then, when I got a bit older, further years of fun when we decided to put kittens through the door of the dollhouse and bet on which window they would emerge from. Today I'm celebrating the 12th anniversary of the day I got that dollhouse.

Celebrations have been fairly spread out over the week as far as friends and alcohol are concerned, and with more still to come I've decided the plan for today is to maybe eat toffees and watch a wine program (for no particular reason). And people have always been shocked that I've never tried the student staple of a fishfinger sandwich, so that's what's planned for my birthday dinner.

For now, though, my shower is broken so I have to let the working classes into my bedroom to fix it. I hope they hosed beforehand.

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