Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 120

I met someone today who loves a certain synthpop song but is ashamed of it ever since she learned it got only 1 star on a music review website. Sorry, but that's just not fair. Why should the sanctimonious decide what we should be proud and ashamed of enjoying? Besides, should something be deemed "1 star" just because it wants a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs?

Everyone knows critics are wrong. Everyone's seen one of their favourite films in Empire or the Radio Times and have observed with disbelief: "... they've given it only two stars".

Simple solution: they're wrong.

Angry that people keep calling Inception the best film to ever exist ever ever? Don't be angry. They are wrong. Upset that people call the latest Narnia movie weak? Luckily, however, they're wrong. Embarrassed that people think you should be ashamed for wanting a thousand hugs from ten thousand lightning bugs?

Obviously when I got home I had to look up this synthpop song that's caused so much shame, and it's caused so much shame because it's childish, all sugary and young, but that's because it's about childhood nostalgia, it's the whole point of the song! I don't really like pop, but I've never hated it. I don't understand the lip curling. The lyrics are about nice things, not whores and crack addiction and stabbing people in the ear.

PS. I really did think Inception was crap by the way. And if you think differently... you're wrong.

(Actually, I'm wrong. I just didn't understand the film.)

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