Sunday, 30 January 2011

Day 126

You know it's probably time to lay off the fried chicken when discover that the health of your eyes is being effected by your diet.

I found this out at the opticians yesterday when trying out new contact lenses called "Aquaclear" or something. I entertained myself by calling them "Aquafresh", "Aquaman" and "Aqualung" and seeing if the Optometrist noticed. She didn't.

Anyway, fried chicken can effect your eyes. Who'd a thunk it. So I went on a health spree yesterday. A few weeks ago when I promised I'd cook every day, I did manage it for five days before I fell off the wagon, and now I'm trying again for the sake of eyekind. I cooked yesterday and I cooked today. I'm going to cook tomorrow as well. I should probably learn to cook.

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