Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Day 122

The grid's down - no electricity in student accommodation. Means we all have to talk to one another and there's sudden building-wide bonding. Fine for the afternoon, but then darkness falls, all laptops run out of batteries, and of course nobody has any candles or torches, and ya know - the doors into (and out of) the building are electric! People couldn't get to class, ahahahaha. When we got out/in it didn't make it any less dark. I was planning to go to a BAFTA thing tonight, but no shower, no mirror, no way of finding clothes.

So, looking a bit like Ozzy, I've escaped to campus where the lights and computers are still on - I'm using a Mac for the first time ever. That's going straight on my CV, along with clicking and double clicking and lifting heavy objects. Macs don't have right click, by the way. And they don't scroll properly. And the window won't maximise. I'm gonna go buy a torch. Or a bonfire.

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