Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 117

Just came back from “The Best of the 2010 BFI London Short Film Festival”. It was only three short films, but all were over 20 minutes.

The first was about a little girl who was stolen from her mother by a religious fanatic who convinces her that she, the little girl, is the only daughter of Jesus Christ. This is a plot with a bit of potential but it is of course buried in endless melodramatic horror moments of pretentious sizzling rubbish. You can also practically see the Director prancing around going ooh look at me look at me, look what I can do with the camera.

The second short film was about a lonely man who finds a dead woman in a car at the side of the road and then has sex with her. Shrug.

The third and last was, from what I could tell, about absolutely nothing. There was an old man obsessed with his pet birds who lives with his daughter in a disgusting house in the woods. And he breaks people’s necks for some reason.

All three films were equally grotty, cramped, pretentious, obscene, meaningless, unrealistic, exploitative, confusing, garbled, boring and dim. The characters were, for all intents and purposes, idiot lunatics.

I saw about a dozen short films at the festival last year, and enjoyed them. I paid for a delegate pass for the film festival and have loved every visit I’ve made to the BFI. So the fact that I found these three so unpleasant isn’t a reflection on the festival, it’s a reflection on whoever picked these three as “the best”.

The following fact is absolutely true: all three films featured bare breasts.

I’m not implying anything.

I’m just saying.

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