Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 112

Actually, the cheapest method of travel is walking, so shuddup already.

I walked Lewisham today, and for some reason it reminds me irresistibly of Aberdeen. After a while I realised I was doing a lot of pointless haggling, then I thought back and remembered that wherever I’ve been I seem to enjoy haggling, as long as it’s a stand or a slightly grotty shop. Ever since Camden 2009. I think it might be because debating with strangers is extremely fun. I never let Jehovah’s Witnesses get away. If Jehovah is sitting at home looking at his watch and wondering where all his Witnesses are, they’re standing in the street chatting to me about atheism.

Haggle of the day was bringing £8 down to £3 just because... you know... I CAN AFFORD EIGHT POUNDS.

In Lewisham Centre I went to an “M&S Outlet Store” because I thought, what’s an Outlet Store? I soon found out.

You know if you’re in a faraway land with camels and things (mum has a geography degree, taught me everything she knows), and there's well-off people swanning around and there’s bottled water and cheap jewellery and it’s all very touristy? You go just round the corner and suddenly you plunge into the REAL life of the faraway land, with shanties and windswept sand and cooking in the street.

An Outlet Store is kind of like that.

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