Thursday, 13 January 2011

Day 109

Tonight I went to BAFTA for a special screening of West is West, the sequel to East is East (obviously). I greatly enjoyed it, it was enormously feel-good and pretty funny, and, just like its predecessor, got the balance just right. After a few drinks and after my friend showed me her second favourite street in London – a street for which I felt underdressed – I realised on the tube from Piccadilly that much of my affection for West is West might be down to the love that was poured into it by the makers, evidenced by the speakers before and after. The producer had seen it 60 times. And the director is Andy de Emmony, who directed Red Dwarf!!

... well, I find that fact exciting.

West is West will be in cinemas on February 25th – go see it! I realise its sequel status is overpowering in its unattractiveness, but I haven't seen East is East since it came out ten years ago so could barely remember it - West is West is great on its own, I promise.

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