Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 108

I can’t remember the password, pin number and security answer of the stranger who was sitting in front of me. If I could, I’d share them and we could all have a piece. This was last month when I left London to go back up North for Christmas, and I had packed all my luggage in one of those big backpacks, so when I caught the 7 minute overground to London Bridge and took a seat I was forced by the backpack to lean right forward. If the gentleman in the seat in front of me had looked round, he would have noticed I was about three inches from his Blackberry as he accessed his bank account.

Today, travelling back down to London from Scotland, I didn’t bring a backpack. But I did bring a notepad and pen.

It’s hard not to miss the home comforts of my home comforts at my comfortable home. Oversleeping, baths, open fire, old friends, TV, proper wine. Several instances of me grabbing a cat, collapsing on the sofa, and a family member observing – “that is not a happy cat”, and me tightening my grip on the kitty and drunkenly objecting – “but I love him”. And perfect hot meals that are cooked by this mysterious middle aged couple who share my surname.

Away from the little hills covered in snow and sunlight, and back to ambition, competition, opportunity, missed opportunity, deadlines, sleep deprivation, panic, people and mad energy. And mad energy drinks.

A vicious deadline is looming this Friday and I’ve got loads of work left to do for it, but I’ve already arranged to go out tomorrow evening. I guess it’d be impossible to devote every second to that deadline anyway. Besides, I’ve got a thousand Londony things I want to do, and I’m resisting (most of) them for this deadline. For now, however, I can feel no guilt in trying out my resolution – I’m going to COOK. Every single day FOREVER. In fact, I’m going to go to the supermarket RIGHT NOW and pick up ingredients. Our local Sainsburys is Jamie Oliver’s local Sainsburys too, and he of course sponsors the place – a couple of months ago he was there and lectured my friend on how to select the proper cheese. I hope that doesn’t happen to me. Can’t be having celebrity chefs milling around when I’m trying to get ingredients for all the COOKING I’m definitely definitely definitely going to do.

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