Thursday, 9 December 2010

Day 75

Amazing experience today. It was the first time I'd ever worked with actors - three very professional, lovely, fun actors, who came in to do a table read of our short film scripts.

It was a day-long event consisting of two readings of seven scripts. The first reading was one throughout which I felt terror and dread. Other people enjoyed my script, but I didn't (the actors were fantastic - the problem was my writing). Over lunch I nicked my scripts back from the actors and cut out the entire first scene, but this meant that the new first scene of the short film -- a comedy film -- wouldn't be comedic, but depressing. So in a mad rush to try and make a depressing scene funny, I began it with the description "depressing as fuck". That did the trick. Er, I'll work on it over Christmas.

So the second reading was wildly more enjoyable for me, and during we were joined by a few more people who had come to watch, including our course coordinator, straight off the plane from LA (glam), who we were grateful to have there. He runs the long form side of the course, so this was the first time he'd seen anything of our short films. Interesting crossover moment. World-hopping.

Great day and entertaining evening, and a possibility that the lines between fiction and reality are beginning to blur; but that might just be because I've not got my contact lenses in.

Tomorrow, a lecture with Phil Parker, about whom so many people have spoke with esteem (that's the right grammar, isn't it?). Looking forward to it.

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