Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Day 74

Isn't it annoying when you have a dream about getting up and going to class, and then you get up and go to class. I think that kind of thing explains why we're alive. Descartes says we "am" because we think, but maybe we "am" because we have dreams as stupid as that one, and write things as stupid as what I just wrote.

So yesterday I got up and went to class. It was a brilliant class. A day-long lecture with Linda Aronson, who somehow had the stamina to be as engaging at the end as she was at the beginning. Among many other things Linda talked about how to work with actors as writers (don't let them improvise or they'll make their characters start bickering over nothing or have an inexplicable sexual encounter), pointed out the gaping plot hole in Cinderella (lots of women would have the same shoe size as her) and screened the opening of Galaxy Quest as an example of how best to introduce a group of characters.

Today I went into campus even though I didn't have to go into campus, which is always upsetting. There's a billboard on the way in that calls Billy Connolly the "Godfather of Comedy". Okay, I don't follow. I suppose the idea might have been to have a tagline that would emphasise how long Billy Connolly's been in the business, but they couldn't call him the "Father of Comedy" because that's enormous, and they couldn't call him the "Grandfather of Comedy" because he's not old enough, and they couldn't call him the "Uncle of Comedy" because then he'd only really see Comedy about once a year. But "Godfather of Comedy"? Does that mean he'll take over for the parents of Comedy if they die, or does it mean Billy Connolly is being played by Marlon Brando? Which is it?

Why not just call him the Billy Connolly of comedy. People understand that.

There. Get it done.

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