Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Day 53

Yesterday's writing workshop was confused slightly by a man just outside the window building a tiny barn in the dark.

On the subject of writing (kind of), had a panic about writing the second draft of my short film when I realised that I didn't like my short film. At all. But with the pressure of a ticking clock I just brought up a blank page and started typing and didn't stop 'til the end, just like the old days. Now I like my short film again. And it helps that with the brilliance of Final Draft you can type at the speed of lightning and never have to worry about margins or caps or anything at all, you can just type and type and tyep an tytreqh ldr4 eweoipdjx34oirehjedkdjr4 fcl qrw fjerl slkhjfitjr;ds gj4wiejd 3w4or4r eoihir4j frlcij JUST LIKE THAT!

And although Final Draft has a massive dictionary built in, it staunchly refuses to recognise swear words. Software with a moral conscience. Brilliant. It only wants us to write family films.

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