Thursday, 11 November 2010

Day 47

Yeah I'm proud to be one of Goldsmiths's force protesting university fees and cuts.

But no I'm not proud that some of the people I've shared lecture theatres and small-talk with hung an effigy of Nick Clegg by the throat. Don't know what they're supposed to be protesting there. The abolition of capital punishment, maybe. Nothing says "responsible, unintimidating, insightful students who deserve to keep their money" than staging the execution of someone's dad. Oh, apart from storming Westminster, window-smashing, violence and arson.

The only good thing is that the "cause" has been dominating the news. In some form.

Obviously I prefer meek, dreary protest.

I "protested" the Papal visit in Edinburgh a couple of months ago. I put "protested" in inverted commas there because what actually happened was a police officer yelled "RIGHT! If you're in this area, you are an official protestor!". And we just went "... okay, shall we move? I don't want to move. I don't think we should move. It's cold. Or. Shall we move? I don't want to have to throw condoms or anything. Shall we move? Oop, here he comes".

Then a teeny old man in a Popemobile choofed past, waving blithely at people holding signs accusing him of condoning paedophilia.

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  1. Hoorah! but being a grumppy old cumudgeon I have to observe that the streets of Britain have been remarkably bereft of students in recent years - until their pockets have been hit... hurumph