Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Day 46

I finished the horror version outline for my melodrama short film. It's exactly the same. Except it includes the words "kill", "mangled", "broken", "chokes", "shock", "calmly", "crucifix", "twisted", "sways", "trap", "cracked", "poker", "skewered", "plummet" and "unnatural".

I need a cup of Disney.

Was very selective about the horror movies I researched for this. Because none of them are actually scary in any way, meaning I could actually watch them with other people rather than confine myself to yet another bleary-eyed solitary movie binge. Here is my non-scary selection:

War of the Worlds*
Shaun of the Dead
The Silence of the Lambs***
My Best Friend Is a Vampire
The Haunting
Mean Girls

Too scared to invest in real full-on horror, because I just know I'll eventually stumble across some disgusting scene of a well-meaning innocent being slowly and brutally killed. I'll never - ever - forgive Peter Jackson for the end of Heavenly Creatures. And it's not even a horror. I had a sudden, fierce rant about it in class the other day. It was embarrassing. Felt I had to explain myself at lunch. Which of course only led to another fierce rant.

... where's that cup of Disney.

*The scariest thing about War of the Worlds is its motives.
**Zombieland has opening credits to die for. And a curly-haired dork to die for. I have a friend who's suffering from the same Jesse Eisenberg affliction. She calls it both her Jewgirl crush and her Eisencrush. I cannot claim the former, but by God I shall defend the latter to the death.
***The only reason I've avoided The Silence of the Lambs up 'til now is that I heard Anthony Hopkins's screentime totals about a quarter of an hour. But it's worth it. Very worth it. If only for the way he says "Clarice".
****Se7en is a brilliant movie. Brilliant. But I never want to watch it again.

Actually, I kind of feel like watching it now. You know, with breakfast.

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