Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Day 31

The book my Short Film tutor swears by finally arrived today.

It involved tracking through the rain. Amazon has a special free one-day delivery offer that I subscribed to, meaning that the package arrived by courier (12PX FONT DOUBLE-SPACED)... meaning it had to be signed for... meaning the Halls couldn’t take it. So I went on a quest this morning, and, when I got hold of it, had to take the MASSIVE package to class.

The workshop today involved a spontaneous jaunt:

TUTOR: “Make two-minute film pitches to the other people in your group. You’ve got about the same amount of time it takes you to reach the fourteenth floor in a lift”.

CLASSMATE: “I’d much rather actually be in a lift, as if I was pitching to a producer, rather than doing it in a classroom environment”.

TUTOR: “Good idea, let’s go!”

CLASS: “...”

So we headed out into the evening drizzle and to a larger building, and began a weird, fun exercise in which we stood with one another in lifts and pitched our films, leaping from lift #1 to lift #2, pressing buttons wildly, and jabbering away with the pressure of a lucid female voice going “YOU HAVE REACHED THE FOURTH FLOOR”. Strangers came and went, looking slightly bemused.

Tonight I’m going to the BFI again where Lisa Cholodenko is running a masterclass about her new movie The Kids Are Alright. She was a Six Feet Under Director. That makes me happy.

I hope, when I go back home for Christmas and visit our local small-town cinema, I’m not gonna have turned into an arsey little cinema snob who feels short-changed when the Director doesn't turn up and answer post-screening questions.



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