Monday, 25 October 2010

Day 30

Forcing yourself to get over a cold seems to work. For a bit. I’ve been indoors a lot regardless – I’ve never spent this much time on homework in my life. Revision, yes, but homework? Tell you what, though, I was musing with classmates the other day that WE ARE SUCH LUCKY LITTLE BOYS AND GIRLS, because it’s excellent homework. I would so often write scripts during exams or essay deadlines throughout my undergrad, so the feeling I usually associate with scriptwriting is guilt. Edgy, plummeting guilt. Now I’m allowed to do my favourite thing in the world and know there’s no better way I could be spending my time.

Speaking of hobbits – Martin Freeman is one. He’s a hobbit. He’s THE hobbit. Peter Jackson says he was BORN to play the hobbit. That means he must be the most hobbitest thing on the whole planet, and that his delicately beautiful role in The Office was just to get him used to being loved. It’s true that he’s got quite a Bilbo face. It’s an excellent face. You sort of want to bathe it and pat it dry with a fluffy white towel before attaching it to the body of a 39-year-old typecast actor from Hampshire.

Did you know, there’s an episode of cuddly, snuggly ‘90s pre-watershed sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air in which Will is responsible for hospitalising his cousin with illegal drugs? Uncle Phil is so revolted that he gathers the whole family and forces Will to humiliate himself in front of them, the entire studio audience mysteriously vanishing so that the reaction is a stony silence when Will sobs, chokes and trembles his confession.


In America, they have very special episodes. Probably cheapened this one a bit by calling it “Just Say Yo”.


Meanwhile, in bee news,

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