Friday, 22 October 2010

Day 27

Speaking of "your regular Mr Darcy-esque scene", I missed the chance to meet Colin Firth yesterday, because I haven't been feeling well. I'm told he was charming and clever, a gentleman in jeans. So I missed that chance, but at least I made full use of the chance to break my bedside light, once more plunging my night-time homecomings into surreal darkness.

I took the time given to me by my vague illness to drink orange juice cherry-flavoured 7 Up and further indulge my Will Smith phase. This led me on a journey through the beautiful but ultimately redundant landscapes of I Am Legend, to the emotional revulsion of Seven Pounds, past the missed opportunity of Hitch, the shockingly over-rated Six Degrees of Separation, via Ali - a strong movie that I didn't have the cultural knowledge to fully appreciate - the classic silliness of Independence Day, through Hancock - which went from good to appalling with the introduction of a sci-fi twist - and ending up at steampunk travesty Wild Wild West, which I seriously considered burning to a DVD for the sole purpose of toasting it on a bonfire in the courtyard.

All phases can be eliminated by too much research. That's why I know little about the people I admire.

Moving on. Today I actively forced myself to get better, by having a proper breakfast and heading out early enough to see kiddies (exaggeration) skipping (exaggeration) merrily (exaggeration) to school (exaggeration).

We (that's the Circle of Trust, not the happily skipping kiddies) had three hours of short film, where we learnt we have to start writing our own now - that's now, right now - and then a few of us met a prospective student for next year. I think/hope we sold the course well to her. And we sampled a new café on campus, which I think not many people know about. So... shhhh.

Because some people (not me) are cool and practical enough to have mobile internet access, we now have tickets to the new Harry Potter movie at the BFI London IMAX! Exciting?! ANSWER: YES.

Here is a good video:

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