Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Day 24

Your regular Mr Darcy-esque scene descends. A handsome, smouldering man runs towards the camera in epic slow motion, shirt open, muscle-bound and glistening...

Is this from a new adaption of Pride and Prejudice? Desperate Housewives? Sex and the City? No, no, and no. It's a scene from Bad Boys.

Nothing compared to Bad Boys 2, which I watched for the first time last night. What clearly happened is that an extremely rich but world-weary executive called producers into his office. He was probably going through a messy divorce. Head in hands. Says feverishly, "take all the money you need; do what you want. Just bring joy".

And they did.

Bad Boys 2 is sheer, mad, shameless fun. I didn't bother following the plot, but who cares? There was a moment when one of the main characters said: "yo, dry off sweetheart; icepick said the haitian zoepounds about to do a rip; let's move". The dignified audience response to that line would be "WTF". But instead I went "Yeah, awesome! AWESOME! GET MOVING! GO GO GO!"

Despite this being exquisitely knuckle-dragging stuff, the funny moments are all genuinely funny. Here is one:

I also enjoyed the dusty clouds of blood, incredible camera movements I haven't seen before or since, and at some points the word "POLICE" written so hugely that I could look at little else. Take this scene for instance, in which the real life humans speak the actual real life words into the real life world: "we ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life".


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