Thursday, 14 October 2010

Day 19

Visited the London Film Festival today, and saw two hours of short films. I've never been to a screening in which the Directors are introduced and applause is frequent, so this was fun. Much of the cast and crew of each was in the audience, which was especially exciting given that one film starred Julian Barratt from The Mighty Boosh and Montserrat Lombard from Ashes to Ashes. I saw Lombard afterwards - actually, I kind of interrupted her! Because two of us nervously decided (well, I was nervous anyway) to chat to the Director of that particular short film, and he had just finished a conversation with a slim young woman who I only recognised as "OMG IT'S SHAZ" as she walked away. We also talked to/congratulated a lovely child actor - she was great! I want to be a child actor when I grow up.

The BFI gallery was visited (there was an exhibition on involving five screens depicting the American west; we watched them for about half an hour), the Mediatheque National Archive was sampled (we watched some strange episode of Alan Partridge that nobody had seen or heard of before), then we lounged in the night-time lights of Westminster, being all Londony before heading home. "Heading home" tends to take between seven and thirty minutes.

Because no matter how many people I'm with, I still haven't quite got the tube routes figured out. It doesn't help that it's all kind of grim. At one point, there was almost a pile-up on an escalator! One lady fell down, another bumped into her and fell down, and if my friend walking in front of me hadn't very swiftly helped her up, I would have been forced to try and leap over them, probably ending up in a situation where I'm standing in someone's handbag or face. And if there'd been a hundred other people behind us, it might've been some mighty Waterloo disaster smeared across the news the following day!

Speaking of the news -- although the Chilean miners rescue is a great thing, events more horrible than them getting trapped and more wonderful than them being rescued happen every day. But in among the rapid stream of news with keywords like "severe", "fear", "doubt", "nightmare", "recession", "suspicion", "controversy" and "Cameron", the fact that the whole world is enjoying a story with keywords like "rescue", "jubilation", "on-track", "freedom", "cheering", "soul", "united" and "Elvis" makes me wriggle with glee.

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