Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Day 17

I finally gave in and headed to the campus library to use the printers and photocopiers. It’s really stuffy and you have to queue for ages – and it feels just like using Aberdeen University computers, so what’s the point in being in London, huh?! The payment systems here are mildly enjoyable, though. You use a coin machine and then credit is magically transported onto your student card (but how? It’s so flat! How do coins fit in there?!), and you just swipe it. Like this. Swipe! It’s pleasing.

Mind you, the homework I went to all the trouble of printing ended up being accidentally left behind in my flat when I went to class today, which was NOT pleasing. Me and a classmate had to print out our work during a five-minute break that turned into a big fat illegal twenty-minute break, because what is wrong with “eMac”s? I hadn’t even heard of them until today. They’re upsetting and insane. It felt like I was being introduced to a computer for the first time in my life. Which, for a computer geek like me, is a bit like not recognising a beloved family pet. Though I’ve never wanted to put my fist through the screen of a beloved family pet.

Other than that, though, t’was a good day, and we even did some... er, acting? And got news of a really exciting speaker coming up!

I could’ve sworn I had other things to talk about, but I have to attend to a 2 litre bottle of cream soda I’ve knocked over. It was so peaceful, sitting there, bubbling happily away, and then suddenly it falls, and is so ANGRY, roaring like an enormous sarcastic round of applause. “Oh well done. You’ve knocked me over. Try keeping me somewhere other than ON THE FLOOR”.

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