Monday, 11 October 2010

Day 16

What's Banksy gonna do next; write an episode of House in which he emphasises the discord of American health care? Fly a commercial jet and elbow-nudgingly crash it into the Atlantic? Get his face put on every coin of every currency, but whilst pulling a silly face? Design a Simpsons intro in which a sweatshop is seen to be producing Simpsons merchandise?

I thought Banksy was supposed to be famous for making a point. But any point that people are killing themselves to make Simpsons merchandise, which they are, is smothered by the fact that there's unicorns and things present - but that couldn't be taken out, because it's funny, innit, that there's a unicorn there, because it's "overboard", and therefore a funny joke - and besides, if that was taken out, the studio might think that Banksy is being serious, and of course he's not being serious. Why would one of the most memorable political activists of recent decades be serious? No reason why he wouldn't want to sit down and help make a nice cartoon with no functional irony or satire. You know, for funsies.

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  1. The Simpsons has always had an open and self-mocking approach to becoming a commodity ('i'd be mortified if somebody released a substandard product with the simpsons label on it' and 'the simpsons will never end' song etc etc) and the way it was animated (e.g the 138th special behind the scenes style episode where you see korean artists held at gunpoint) though it was quite ballsy of them to take it to such a length here. I agree that the unicorns were probably there to keep things diluted - ups the potential humour to be taken from it. Seems like The Simpsons like to point out that they can be cheap and openly make fun of themselves for the way they make their shows, and thus this makes it fine to their fans for them to do it - like how the show has even made fun of its demise in quality of umpteen occassions. People complain about us so let's just do it ourselves too so we are in on the joke rather than being part of it. Having their cake and eating it.