Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 13

I won't tell you the unique and fascinating ideas emanating from the Circle of Trust because you'll just nick them, won't you you filthy bastards. It's been a busy day so far but I might have been slightly more awake if I hadn't watched a movie in the middle of the night. Now that a decade has passed since people first recommended Fight Club, I thought I'd watch it.

Great film; one of the most watchable I've ever seen. The characters are addictive and the concept is really satisfying, in the same vein as The Matrix or Groundhog Day, or even The Truman Show. I genuinely had no clue about the twist, so it was received as a stroke of genius; and subtle too, because the hallucination undergoes character developments of its own. The idea of a fight club is so vivid in hindsight that I imagined there'd be a thousand copycats, and took the liberty of looking it up. Sure enough, there were plenty of copycat Fight Clubs and Project Mayhems: almost exclusively by 14-17 year old boys. That's the type of demographic that would croon "why so serious?" a la the Joker if you told them that fight clubs are naughty.

Then I found "The Gentleman's Fight Club". It encourages images of straight-backed men in bowler hats flinging poppadoms across a room full of flamingos and vol-au-vents. So they're not much to worry about either. But what about (spoiler alert) copycat suicides? There are people stupid enough to assault people whilst singing Singin' in the Rain and assume Kubrick had thrown them the tip, so won't there be people stupid enough to think a cure for multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia is putting a bullet through their neckflab?

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