Thursday, 30 September 2010

Day 5

Today was enrollment and induction for my course. There are six other people on the course, and they are all nice without exception. When the tutor came in and observed that we were already all chatting away happily, I added "but we all hate each other". If people hadn't laughed at that, I would've asked for my deposit back.

There are more people living in this flat (eight) than studying on this course (seven) - and the flat is lots more international. Almost everyone on the course is English, whereas in the flat there are people from America, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, China and Scotland (that's me!). Given the relative niceness of postgrad Halls, there's been an amount of staying in rather than going out. For instance, we got an inordinate amount of leaflets through the post yesterday, and decided to be creative.

Elsewhere, I signed up for a Press Pass to the London Film Festival, and I went to Deptford, I think. I need to start reading maps properly.

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