Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 4

That's the third time my Scottish £20 note has been rejected! If only it went for something a bit less in-yer-face than a giant portrait of Robbie Burns. Like the Queen of England, but with a Scottish accent. The words "legal tender!" tattooed across her forehead.

I'm not very good at being on the right platform, train, railway station or part of London, but never mind that - I made it to the South Bank eventually. I had a happy time walking from landmark to landmark in the rain, then spent a few hours at the BFI, where Adam Buxton was speaking. He's in the same league as Adam Buxton. That's a joke, it means he's in a league of his own. It was a really interesting, funny, slightly cuddly event, in an excellent venue, featuring music videos and comments thereon.

Here's Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja, one of the videos he showed us.

Did you know it's not serious? I didn't. Ehehehehe.

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