Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 2

I was on the tube yesterday and a thin glamorous lady sat down opposite me and started searching through her handbag. She carefully leafed through the notepad, checked the lipstick, rattled the tictacs, read every word of the perfume label, unlidded and sniffed the moisturiser, and took a small nibble from the Snickers bar. Then, at her stop, she put the handbag on the seat, shouldered a bag she already had with her, and left. I can only assume that it wasn't her handbag at all - it was already there when she sat down. Why not have a thorough rifle through it? Freaky.

I'm officially living in London - that was the plan, wasn't it? Hurray! I bought a mug and a sideplate - I refuse to buy any more substantial crockery and cutlery for this flat, it's way too expensive. I can drink anything from the mug, eat anything from the plate, and if I ever want to butter my toast, I can use a toothbrush.

Because this is "Fresher's Fortnight" (what happened to Fresher's Week, greedy bastards?) I'm trying to jump at as many interesting opportunities as possible I can be bothered to jump at. I never wagered I'd have to navigate my way around undergraduates, though. They can be very nice and everything but are only here to put alcohols in their necks, and wear berets - because this place is very "arty" and "trendy", so there really are a lot of berets. Or berets as a metaphor, anyway.

One of my favourite things, though, is that as a white Briton I thought I'd be in a space-filling majority, but I'm not, I'm in a laughable minority. This means that I've already had some enlightening conversations about Foreignlands. I like Foreignlands, I sort of want to go there one day. In the meantime, London's good! I might walk tomorrow.


  1. Eleanora! Hello! You've in London!! This is riveting stuff. I'm already hooked. Write more write more write more.

  2. ^ Hay you! How was sunny Spain? Bloomin' fantastic I hope.