Sunday, 8 November 2009

Day 8

I finally got a table for breakfast. "Full English Breakfast, please. EIGHT Full English Breakfasts. One for each day of the week".

So, SOUF! Norf was great, but souf is so great that you could grate cheese with it. Covent Garden, Leicester Square, National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, some other gallery -- there's a lot of things being gallered. And despite the "Beatles to Bowie" exhibition, I think I preferred these enormous colourful paintings from the 16th century (Bacchus and Ariadne was a fave) in which subtlety hasn't been invented yet, and everyone is shamelessly expressive and theatrical. I'm not being sarcastic -- I liked it very much. It's good for the eyes, unlike subtlety. Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of Big Ben, the rosy red cheeks of the little chil-dren.

Then I made the mistake of strolling along The Mall to Buckingham Palace, where that lady lives, and I was stuck in St James' Park for an hour or two trying to get to Whitehall, because today is Remembrance Sunday. The ceremony included the royal family and a clutch of past, present and future Prime Ministers, but... I don't know if I saw them... I honestly couldn't really tell. Proceeded by countless marching bands (I think they should have thrown a string band in there to even it out a bit. Or a boy band, or something), was of course a huge amount of veterans, and I seriously could've sworn I heard at least a few notes from the Dad's Army theme tune. I mean that in a nice, respectful way. And my favourite bit was the bit where the fella roared "diiiiiSMISSED!", at which point the soldiers stopped and chatted and relaxed and picked their noses.

Westminster Bridge, The London Eye, Waterloo, National Theatre, saw Tower Bridge, took Millennium Bridge, got back to the norf bank, and then death.

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