Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Day 3

To get a table for breakfast, you have to be downstairs at Stupid O'Clock, so I hovered outside the overpacked breakfast room, fidgeting like Spike Milligan in Life of Brian. I eventually settled for stealing some cereal, stealing a bowl, and eating it up in my bedroom using many tiny packets of "tea and coffee making facilities" milk, and the spoon I had used the evening before to eat a tub of coleslaw. I thought I'd finished being a student. At least I washed the coleslaw off the spoon first.

I assumed I'd be spending the day in the art department. I did indeed get to go a jacket meeting, where I heard the phrase "[CELEBRITY] wanted the font to be swirlier", but after that, it was back to the publicity department. I did more press clippings (and talked to many a person if they dropped by -- "hi, who are you? What department do you work in? Can you tell me more stuff, lol?").

At lunch I went to ITV, because it is literally -- LITERALLY -- ten yards down the road from where I'm working. I spoke to a person. They read auto-cues.

I saw Oxford Circus' X-Crossing (which is so new that it's not even on Street View!) in the newspaper, so I went to it. Because I can!!

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