Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Day 18

Read-write-read-write. Damnit, I could just do this at home.

Also, I want to see the film 2012, because it's got an enormous tidal wave in it. Though if I was Proper, I would avoid it on principle -- it's been advertising itself by encouraging kids to believe that there is indeed going to be an apocalypse within the next few years, and they should watch this movie to see what's going to happen and to prepare themselves, given that the "world's governments are not".

Some lines I predict to hear in this movie:

"Don't let go!"
"Daddy! Help!"
"Oh. My. God".
"Everything's gonna be okay".
"I love you [name]". "I love you too, [name]".
"That was a close one".
"No... THAT was a close one".
"We made it".
"What should we do?" "Pray".

Some lines I'd love to hear in this movie:

"The X Factor has been cancelled".
"The cardboard signs were right!"
"We're gonna need a bigger world".

In sharp contrast to the anticipation of a rubbish movie -- goodbye, Edward Woodward. I only discovered The Wicker Man a couple of years ago, but I can't remember the days before I saw Gulliver's Travels and Woodward's ploddingly optimistic Drunlo.

Drunlo: "Do you remember, son, when we were walking down this beach five years ago, it was the middle of Winter, never thought we'd find anything. And then... we found... a treasure".
Clustril: "We found one boot. With a hole in it".
Drunlo: "Yes, but you never know... today we might look down and find the matching boot".

Anyway. I haven't been wandering around London in the dark enough, so I'm going to remedy that. I'm told that Regent Street and Oxford Street are particularly blindy.

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