Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Day 17

Today I learned about independent publishing as opposed to the international Water Cooler publishing I learned about last week. This office was far more interesting. And obviously designed by Terry Gilliam in his Jabberwocky days. For perhaps the first time ever, I was advised against embarking on vocational courses on the grounds that I'd be in the same situation on the other side as I'm in now -- at least, as far as publishing is concerned. In fact, perhaps the biggest recommendation given to me today was to start up my own teeny publishing company.

I doubt that'd work for someone who's currently paddling in publishing rather than diving in, but it's interesting to know that such things can be realistic ambitions in the real life real world of reality.

I came away lugging a big book on independent publishing through the streets. I wonder if any fashion designers have ever thought of using a book as an accessory? I think it made me look 50% clever and 50% a little bit insane. And 100% pretentious. I mean, why wasn't I carrying it in a bag?! I didn't have one. But why wasn't I carrying it in a bag?!

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