Friday, 13 November 2009

Day 13

Today I finally got round to learning all about the editorial department. I like to think I know how a large publishing company works now, and how a book gets from within someone's skull to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Aside from the more people-related stuff, what stands out for me is the fact that I've read skimmed every national newspaper every day for the last two weeks, so the patterns are all incredibly clear. Being very vague, it's about 20% "Jedward of off the X Factor", 20% "that ridiculous sexvampire off of Twilight", 20% boobs, and 40% Gordon Brown bashing.

The tabbies seem so confused by his averred disrespect and why he's showing it, but surely it's just because he's an Awkward Human Being. It takes one to know one. Every time I turn a corner I am subtly prepared to smash into someone. I bet every time Gordon Brown goes to shake someone's hand, he realistically expects to accidentally jam his finger in their nostril. 10 Downing Street probably has a statement prepared for such an occasion. Something about it being a traditional Scottish greeting. In fact, he probably expects it so sincerely that if it happened, he would mildly wipe his hand on his jacket and go on with the day. It's like those people who are semi-facetiously prepared for a zombie attack -- if it did happen -- which it wouldn't -- they'd be the ones calmly shooting zombiefied relatives and carrying out their careful plan whilst everyone else screamed and panicked into the impending apocalypse.


I have another touristy weekend planned (though it includes reading two and a half manuscripts, doing three reader reports, reading a script and doing a script report) which will involve more walking than the whole of last weekend put together. And I do have a number of wispy threads to catch/very narrow avenues to explore/whatever other simile I can think of next week, so, I don't know, maybe there'll be life beyond Day 21, and maybe there won't be.


  1. Be assured that you have many more readers than commenters. Most people lurk on blogs. Some of them you really wouldn't want comments from.

  2. No, don't say that!

    Who are you, sah? "SHM". Hm. Here are 10 guesses:

    1. Scottish Highlands Man
    2. Secret Holiday Maintainer
    3. Stout Himalayan Mountaineer
    4. Secularist Hoping for Miracle
    5. Santa's Helper's Mate
    6. Struggling Helmand Martyr
    7. Simple Harmonic Motion
    8. Selling Halal Meats
    9. Seeking Helpful Musings
    10. Some Homeless Man

  3. Think initials and family friends

  4. Ah, of course! Hellow!

    What happened to all your hair?! If your South Park avatar is anything to go by, it is now just hyphens.

  5. Well the avatar maker didn't have my hair so that's the closest to cropped I could get. And it was also before teh grate contac lenz ting. I do of course continue to eat mostly confectionary whilst at work

  6. And another thing (damn this lack of ability to edit one's comments, or maybe I missed something) you will now realise I am indeed a combination of all ten of your suggestions above.