Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day 1

Not soon after hitting the runway, I noticed some things:

1. The obvious: nobody in London speaks English. Apart from Americans; and even THEY don't speak English.
2. It is lovely that the roads tell you what way(s) to look when you cross them.
3. A strangely large quantity of Londoners wear "I heart NY" tops. I think, instead, they should say "I know what irony is, lol". By a "strangely large quantity" I mean five. And they might be the only five Londoners in London to wear "I heart NY" tops -- maybe I saw them all in one hour. It's possible.
4. After you cross a road, you must then cross an extra teeny road.
5. All the shops here are the same as in Scotch Lands, except that here they're main bases. So there's Boots, but it's a GIANT boots, and there's a GIANT Specsavers where I imagine they keep all the giant specs. The BT main base is amazing. It towers over everything and does a lot of blinking, but that's probably for some technical reason rather than newbie intimidation.
6. I got lost in the B&B (no joke), so it's no surprise that I got lost outside the B&B too. I spent over an hour wandering up and down Tottenham Court Road looking for the bit where I originally came from. Tomorrow, on my first day of work, I will get lost. Why does everyone else look like they know where they're going?

Here's some things that people online have said about living in London for the first time:

"london is like the capital of raves u and your friend just go to raves man i wish could go plus ull meet allot of people there if youv never been to a rave its crazy youll love it and people are always friendly at raves no matter the country."
So if I do get lost, I can just go in a Rave and ask directions.

"Harrods dept store is there, as is all kinds of historical stuff. I would say try to get to Windsor Castle, you won't believe people could live like that."
It probably would have been very horrible.

"It's a large town in Europe".
^ to conclude.

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