Friday, 18 September 2015

Soft research suggests 96% of Imgur dogs are male!

This evening I looked at some dogs. I love them. They're ever so soft.

I was scrolling through comments on these pics on Imgur, the most popular image-sharing community on the web, and that's when I noticed that all dogs are boys. It sounds unlikely, right? How do they make puppies if there are truly no girl dogs?!

So I did some research to support my seemingly impossible observation. I typed "dog" into Imgur, and looked at the five most popular dog pics. On each one, I searched all comments for assumptions as to the dog's gender.

I didn't refer to comments that called the dog "it" or "they"; I referred only to comments that called the dog "he"/"him"/"his"/"boy" or "she"/"her"/"girl". And as you'll see below, evidence supports the idea that there are very few woman dogs on Imgur.

26 commenters assigned this pup a gender. 26 (100%) said male, 0 (0%) said female.

30 commenters assigned this mighty dog a gender. 29 (97%) said male, 0 (0%) said female, 1 (3%) specified it could be either.

4 commenters assigned these frolicsome beasts a gender. 4 (100%) said male, 0 (0%) said female.

13 commenters assigned this cuddlecake a gender. 13 (100%) said male, 0 (0%) said female.

7 commenters assigned this tiny cloud a gender. 5 (71%) said male, 1 (14%) said female*, and 1 (14%) specified it could be either.
* The person who assumed the dog was female did so by saying: "I, too, pacify bitches by giving them something to suck on." 

Five cute dog pictures, 80 commenters who assigned them a gender. Of those 80 commenters, 96% assumed the dogs were male, and 4% assumed the dogs were female or either. What does this mean for our lovely world? Maybe this stuff:
  • I only did this research on five pictures; maybe most of these dogs were indeed male, and the commenters had searched sources beyond Imgur to determine the dog's gender before commenting.
  • Maybe commenters saw the male pronouns in other comments and fairly assumed the dog was therefore male.
  • Last time I checked (2013), Imgur has a 81% male demographic, so perhaps these male commenters automatically relate to their own gender and therefore assume the dog shares it. (That's an astoundingly poor gender balance, huh? Wonder why that is!)
  • Maybe 96% of dogs really are male! So if you have a woman dog, keep her close okay?! She's very precious!
Join me next week on "Animal Gender Facts" when we'll find out what percentage of capybaras don't actually believe in the sociopolitical notion of gender.